Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hey Everyone!
This is my first update from Baroda. I haven't had too much of fun since I've got here. Still waiting around for my internship to happen. I got a bit fed up yesterday so I went down to some NGO (We got the tip from another trainee) to take a look ourselves. It was quite fun (Though there was a lot of waiting to do as well). They were quite amused that I was from Malaysia and I think they took a liking to me. HAHA. It pays to look local sometimes.

Anyway, one of the employees offered to take me and Monika(The polish girl who was staying next to me) to oneo f the slums to play with the kids. So, we took an autorickshaw for about 30 mins and arrived at the slum. The little Kids were so excited that we were there. I took some pictures, watched them draw (Some of them were AMAZING) and played a bit of Carrom with them (OMG, i lost so badly), but they were pretty patient with me. They scored everytime, even without using talcum powder! The kids, Ashok, Aarthi & Myur were so kind to walk us back to get an auto... It was a really helpful neighbourhood.

I really dont know how I feel about Children or the slums. All of them seemed really happy. How could I feel sad for them? I was sad because they didn't have running water and there were a lot of flies about. But they seemed pretty used to that. Even the adults seemed happy. Hmm.. I am very confused.

Oh well, I'll probably be making a few more trips there during my time in Baroda, will let you know about how it goes.

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  1. someone else said the same thing, bout how these children from the slums despite not having anything were generally happy. I think that so important for us to be appreciative of what we do have