Thursday, October 8, 2009


By popular demand, Ive decided to put up a few pics. It takes ages to load, so I only had time to do 3.

Pic1: Making Mulberry Jam (DELICIOUS!) at the Kitchen Flat. We went to the farm earlier in the day to pick Mulberries. Who wouldve thought that I would be Mulberry Picking in INDIA... OF ALL PLACES!?!?!
Pic2: Monkey With a Bottle: The Effects of Poor Waste Management. Sad

Pic3: The view on the plateau. Looks like the scene out of a Bollywood movie.

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  1. the problem is your camera image is big. to easily mae a small copy for the blog, use microsofts image resizer. it is one of the most handy image tools i use. it should solve your upload time problem.