Monday, July 27, 2009

Ladies only Internet Cafe

OMG! As if i found a Ladies only internet cafe. So strange. But I love it. No, hassle-y ppl, bright lights, nice atmosphere! Parfait!

So, they've organised another village trip for tomorrow. But we'll se what happens. I've got a feeling that it may be cancelled due to the rain as well. Hmm.. I'm not really a big fan of the working style here. Everybody is so Iffy about everything here. Its so difficult getting a confirmation about anything. I find myself having to be really stern and firm with everyone all the time. If you're too nice, then you totally get pushed around. I think the Program Director is a little afraid of me. hahah Oh ,well.

My alternate internship search (Plan B) is going well though. Aunty May has been sending out a ton of emails on my behalf! (THANKS!). I'm hoping that i can get a confirmation about something soon though. I really feel like doing some work (Woah, I never thought I'd ever say that.)

Alright, heading back to the AIESEC office now. Will write soon!



  1. still no pics ? - would love to be able to "visualize" your experiences :)

  2. PS-no.more.chapatis.i.want.wantanmee.


  3. hey, loving your beautiful writing.