Saturday, July 25, 2009

India Lesson 1: How to Walk

Hey all!

Just letting you know how things . I went to see The Proposal yesterday with the roomates 5 of use managed to squeeze into a TINY auto rickshaw. haha This surely is one magical place. lol. THe movie was alright. We paid a whopping 140 rupees to watch it though (Thats a little less than RM14). I thought India was supposed to be cheap?!?!

Anyway,thinking of watching Harry Potter tonight. Been wanting to see that for ages!

In other news, I think i'm quite the expert at roads now. I was talking to daddy just now and explaining to him how difficult it is to walk around here. lol.
Here is a list of things that you need to look out for.

1. Cars (Believe me, these are the LEAST of your worries)
2. AutoRickshaws (Crazy drivers, they all think they're playing GTA)
3. Cows, lots of cows.
4. Goats.
6. Cow Dung
7. Goat Poo
8. Dog Poo
9. Mega puddles

Ok, so you see my problem. If you look down too much, you get banged down by a vehicle. If you look up to much, you step in cow dung. nice. So you have to keep doing this "up-down-up-down" motion with your head so you can see everything. Looks ridiculous, but essential!

Alright, thats all for now!


PS- I absolutely LOVE your comments! Keep coming. And for those of you trying to hide your identity. I SEE THROUGH YOUR CHARADE! haha. Do pass onthe link to anyone who might be interested :)
PPS- today I ordered a chicken burger at a restaurant and it turned out to be a Chicken (Curry) Burger. ugh.


  1. I don't get why you would spend rm14 to watch the proposal and not harry potter...

    also don't just look up & down, remember to look left & right as well!

  2. one way to post a comment is is to get a gmail account - then go to the blog and click on comments at the bottom of vals posting for the day - enter your comment in the comments box and select google account in the comments as profile and click post comment - you will then need to sign into your google account and then enter the verification letters before you can post the comment

  3. Your commnets are mind blasting and btw whose charades are you seeing through? Anyone one we ought to know?

    Enjoy and relish every moment of your stay in India as it will over all too soon.

    Smita Amma