Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today I bought a Bucket

So, I have to wash my own clothes which is a bit difficult. But to be honest, I dont mind that. The problem is, that there is no place to dry anything! AND, there's been no sun these days. How ah?

Anyway, things over here are alright. I'm leaving on a Village trip tomorrow (till sunday) and I'm quite excited. YAY! Hope that goes well. Been researching other Internships in the meanwhile. Thanks to the Amazing people at home (Susanna, Thia & Daddy), I've got like a million options now! I'm feeling a lit better about things now. Ok, well see how thing work out.

For those of you wondering, I DID NOT get to see the eclipse yesterday. I woke up at 6 to look out the window and It was majorly cloudy. THANKS! So I went back to bed. hahaha. How glamorous is that?

Anyway, got a meeting later (In about 2 hours). I'd love to watch Harry Potter after that, lets see if I can get anyone to go. NOt many people seem to be that into English around here. I'll try my luck though!

PS- Raining so much. The road is like one giant puddle. Should buy some wellingtons perhaps?
PPS- I miss talking fast. I haveto talk slow here all the time!


  1. heyy! Sukanya here, Tia's daughter :) Aunty Regina told me you have a blog! Nice to hear that ur enjoying yourself! How id love to be in your shoes right now! :) Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  2. life is sometimes like that isnt it - one giant puddle - you can sometimes take steps to protect your feet - but sometimes you have to or cant avoid getting them wet - but your feet will dry - most often than not with your own ingenuity and efforts but sometimes with the help of others

    We are amazed at how you are coping - your family and friends and friends of friends will always be there :)

  3. welcome to india valerie your blog is too good. i'm so sorry you have to wash your own clothes but didnt your mother teach you to wash clothes back home?
    we have this perennial problem of wet under clothes especially during the monsoon season.