Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hey all!

I think I'm in the most beautiful place on earth. Goa is absolutely fascinating. On one hand its completely tousisty and overpriced (ugh). But there's a totally different side to it as well. THe scenery here is breathtaking. The other day we were driving around the countryside looking at the coconut trees, the valley's of paddy fields and creeks when suddenly this old white-washed portugese church pops into view. It was so beautiful, i just wanted to stand there forever.

Everybody says that I look goan. I try telling them that my ancestors came from Kerala & Tamil Nadu, but they dont believe me. One guy even said that I look catholic (How do you look catholic??).Mind you, i was even wearing the most indian thing i have in my wardrobe. hahaha. The owner of our hotel said that i should just learn a few words of konkani (the local dialect) and i'll never be cheated again! ROX!

Sorry i havent been updating though. I've really been swept away by the entire experience. But, im returning to Baroda on sunday. I'll do a bit more work with AIESEC, and then move on to something else for the rest of my time in India. I cant believe time is moving so fast! Ive already been here for more than a month. AMAZING! A few more months to go and I'll be back!

Alright, i'll end here. My internet time is running out and we're headed to Anjuna Beach in a bit. FUN!


PS Probably not the wisest thing to write on this blog, but i tried a shot of Coconut & Cashew Fenny (wiki it if you really wanna know). DISGUSTING I TELL YOU!
PPS Mango Ice Cream is the BEST!

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