Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Heart of India: Case #1

I just came back from a town in Maharastra called Baramati. Mainly an agricultural town, Baramati is really what the real India is all about. I was lucky enough to follow some people from the centre in Panchgani to visit some people living in the area. One of the most amazing people that I met during the trip (and maybe in my life) was this man standing in the picture.

He runs an orphanage in Baramati. He takes care of Children that have been abandoned by their parents or have parents that have been sent to jail for drugs/prostitution. Along with his wife, they decided that they were not going to have children and open their family up to 26 new children. They live as one big family. Along with donations, he runs a small real estate business which he uses to support the center.

His life story is also amazing! He told us that he was born a Hindu from what is considered to be a lower caste. His wife on the other hand comes from a muslim family. Their union was extremely frowned upon but they decided to break tradition and get married anyway.

some people are just awesome.


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