Saturday, August 29, 2009

Above the Clouds


I'm at Panchgani at the moment (About 3 hours from Pune). And the weather is exactly like Cameron Highlands (Exept colder). Had to go and my myself a sweater so I wouldnt freeze to death. Its so beautiful up here. I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up I swear that I had gone to heaven. Deep green valleys with rivers snake-ing through them.

I'll be here for the next few months or so. haha I guess I'll come back with rosy cheeks rather than a tan. NICE! Work hasn't officially started yet. But within the next few days i'll be following Mrs Rao helping her with the Village Projects (Teaching the kids how to use computers). Sounds like lots of fun. This is a really amazing place and I think that I can do a lot while I'm here. There are supposed to be a few Interns coming within the next two weeks or so. Can't wait for that!

There's a computer in the place I'm staying (Beautiful room btw), and I'm attempting to upload some photos now!. YAY! Finally. Sorry for the mega delay, its just that ive never been too comfortable whipping out my camera at the dodgy internet cafe's in Baroda.

Alright then, with write more about Panchgani and the organization im working with (Initiatives of Change) soon. Till then!



PS-paid 550 rupees for my sweater. Expensive! But a worthwhile investment. PPS- Its NOT strawberry season! ARRGGHH! But, I'll bring home some local jam!

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