Monday, August 31, 2009

(Not so) Happy Merdeka!

Hello All,
I woke up to a freezing cold morning today. I realized it was Merdeka as soon as I turned off my alarm. I lay there for about an hour thinking about Malaysia and what Merdeka meant to me.
I read the story about the severed cow's head being trampled on in protest to the bulding of a hindu temple. I usually dont let stupid Malaysians bother me, but this one really struck a chord (Plus, I've grown quite fond of cows ever since coming to India). Anyway, never have I read about people so disrespectful towards another's religion in Malaysia. Sure we have our arguments and occasional riots. But in the past, the racial violence was born out of fear and insecurity of ourselves. This incident just seemed so arrogant and malicious. I can't even believe that people like that exist.
I live with the belief that I am a Malaysian before being Indian. I say it proudly to everyone I meet over here. I consider my close friends of different races to be family. I swear I dont have a cone cell left in my eye (If you didnt get that, its alright. bad val joke #29).
Why do I even put so much effort into being a Malaysian and telling people here what a wonderful country I'm from if the situation back home is that horrible? Why do I even care about Malaysia? Because thats who I am.
I was born in this country. I have a right to be happy and be proud of my heritage. Why should I let a bunch of stupid people stop me? I am a better Malaysian that they'll ever be. It's not your genes that determine how Malaysian you are, its you heart (hati, not jantung). I think all countries with multi-racial societies need to realize that. I think young people need to realize how silly our country has been in the past and take a step to move forward. It starts with us though. "Be the change you want to see". Some clever dude from Gujarat said that. Those words can't be anymore Important to young Malaysians today.
Alright, I know all fo this has been said before. But i needed to say it myself.

Ok, enough complaining for today. Happy Merdeka.
Malaysia (Mungkin) Boleh


PS- I had the most amazing Mango Ice-Cream for just 15 rupees.
PPS- What would you say if I told you I wanted to go Paragliding?

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  1. 1. felt the same way about merdeka this year. upset, disappointed, frustrated. there really is nothing to celebrate.
    2. i thought hati = liver? tee hee
    3. and, i know who that gujarati is :P

    sorry not spam ah. i just like this picture very much :)