Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leaving on a Jetplane

My time in Baroda has finally come to an end. I was looking through my diary last night and its so funny how my view of Baroda changed over the time I spent here. I hated this place when I first got here. Dusty, dirty, smelly & disgusting.I will never call this city my home nor will I ever feel comfortable here. It's the people I've met that really made a difference.

We said goodbye to two sets of people yesterday. The british boys (Super fun Goa travelmates) went off in the afternoon and Brown(Kenya), Joana(Portugal) & Monika(Poland) left for Delhi late at night. It was so hard saying goodbye to them, especially Monika. She was my first friend in Baroda, and Ive spent every single day with her since the 20th of July. I'll miss her a lot.

Now its just Me, Jasmin (Taiwan) & Roland(Hungary) in the room. Jazza(As we playfuly call her)& I leave tomorrow morning for Mumbai and Roland leaves in the evening. And then the trainee house will be almost empty! No more rooftop parties, no more dinners @ Nayab (Amazing Restaurant!) and most importantly.. no more Chocolate Room (The best Ice Cream Sundae in Baroda!). I guess I'm a little sad to be leaving, but at the same time I'm ready to move on.

Alright then, stay tuned for more adventures. Technically, my Indian Summer has come to an end... Its starting to turn into my Indian Autumn haha. We'll see where the next two months take me :)

PS- Im eating Egg Briyani & Raita tonight at Nayab! YUM!!

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